Pearl (Vee) Owens

Here’s an interesting take on Pearl (Vee) Owens, as compiled from the Owens Family History Book:

“The Georgia Census Record for 1900 indicates that Pearl (Vee) Owens was the head of the household with his wife Lannie/Annie (not sure of which name because of the writing on the census), daughter Minnie, mother Seletia, sister Emma and her husband Charlie Fate living in the home.”

After checking the Georgia Census Records for 1910, I was unable to locate a Pearl or Vee Owens, but it listed his name as Joe Owens. At this time, it listed his wife as Mollie and they had been married for 2 years. The children listed were Clennie, daughter age 14, Ollie, son, age 10, Nannie, daughter, age 8, Bessie, daughter, age 6, Felton, son, age 4, and two additional children, whose names seem to be Henry, son, age 2, and Foonay, daughter, age 1. I am really not sure of the correct spelling of the last two children, since the handwriting is not very clear.

The reason I have assumed that this is Pearl Owens is because I have talked with members of his family and they have stated that these were some of his children and all of the birth dates seem to match. The thing that I question is why Pearl Owens has changed his name so many times, since he also went by the name of Vee Owens.” ~ Carolyn Faye Tift

So, if this account is correct, Pearl (Vee) Owens was married twice. The first time, he was married to Lannie/Annie, and they had 1 child: Minnie Owens. During the 2nd marriage to Mollie, he had 11 children, each of which are listed below:

  • Etra Bell
  • Nate
  • Forest
  • Henry
  • Myrtice
  • Addie
  • Clennie (Terry)
  • Ollie Sr.
  • Nannie
  • Bessie
  • Garfield

Take a look at the images taken in the Owens Family History book below. If you have any information about the descendants of Pearl (Vee) Owens, please let us know today!