Owens Family Plot: Ocilla, Georgia

Owens Family Plot: Ocilla, Georgia

In February, me and my Dad went down to the Ocilla Cemetery Plot in the Ocilla Cemetery “North” location to tend to it. We brought several hundred pounds of rocks in tow to place on the plots. For your viewing, we have a short video that shows all the plots as they are now.

As you will see, there are 11 plots in all, 7 of which are filled. The following people are currently buried there: Mable Minerva Bannister Owens (November 28, 1922 – October 25, 1991), Davin Emile Owens (June 23, 1975 – November 17, 2010), Ammie B. Owens Walker (September 1, 1906 – April 11, 1971), Gibbon Wesley Owens (July 5, 1894 – March 16, 1975), Annie Irwin Owens (January 25, 1879 – February 26, 1960), Rev. Joe Cephas Owens (March 31, 1872 – May 29, 1944), and Seabon Owens (January 29, 1897 – March 1, 1969).

Here is the moment below. It’s quite sobering, but it is a moment nonetheless! The Lesson: Don’t ever take life for granted! All of us are “scheduled” to live our lives on this earth, so live each day like it is your last….


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  1. This info is just the beginning. Other family members are invited and encouraged to submit info, pictures & even video re: Owens Family & descendant history…

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