Joe Cephus Owens

March 31, 1872 – May 29, 1944

A direct descendant of Seletia Owens, Joe Cephus Owens was Alfonso Owens’ father. He was a “methodist preacher” who was a pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. He traveled from church to church, as assigned by the bishops of the CME Church over the years.

According to Alfonso Owens, there came a time around 1918-1919 that his wife, Annie Bell Irwin, no longer wanted to continue moving from place to place; in other words, they wanted to settle in one spot. They arrived in Ocilla, Georgia, where Joe Cephus was assigned to Broaches Chapel C.M.E. Church, and on March 22nd, 1919, within the Parsonage next to the church, Alfonso Owens was born….

For 72 years (until 1944), he lived on this earth, and during that time, he married Annie Bell Irwin (1879-1960), and had 5 children (from oldest to youngest): Ammie Bell Owens (Walker), Gibbon Wesley Owens, Seabon Andrew Owens, Joe Cephas Owens Jr., and Alfonso Owens.

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Ammie Bell Owens Walker
Gibbon Wesley
Seabon Andrew Owens
Seabon Andrew
Joe Cephus Owens, Jr.
Joe Cephus Jr.
Alfonso Owens

Below is a compilation of Joe Cephus Owens from the Owens Family History Book!