Her Children

As you may have noticed on Seletia’s page, she had 14 children, and 12 of them lived! So, this section of the Owens Family Georgia website is designed to showcase the images from the Owens Family History Book! There are numerous images taken of the family over the years, and the best way to show them is by sharing them in separate pages, each of which is devoted to a child of Seletia.

There’s an immense amount of history in these pages, so be prepared to sit down and take it in for a while! A big “thank you” goes out to the late Carolyn Faye Tift, as she was the one responsible for creating the Owens Family History book. She finished this monumental task in 1999, just 5 years before her passing in 2004.

It’s time for the moments to begin….

Burton Owens

Mollie Owens

Georgia Owens

Mary Owens

Pearl (Vee) Owens