Georgia Owens

Georgia Owens was the daughter of Seletia “Sleety” Owens, and was born in May 1867 in Marion County, Georgia. She was married in the State of Georgia to Wash Petty Peoples Sr. (born December 1862).

During this marriage, she had 10 children, each of which are listed below:

  • Brady
  • Jack
  • Gussie Mae
  • Emma
  • Cleveland
  • Carrie P.
  • Washington Jr.
  • Nannie
  • Mary
  • Mattie N.

Also, we know that she was the last caregiver of Seletia “Sleety” Owens before her passing…. Below is a compilation of the images from the Owens Family History Book. If you have any info about Georgia Owens, please don’t hesitate to share it with us today!