Ammie Beatrice Owens

September 1, 1906 – April 11, 1971

The first daughter of Joe Cephus Owens, Ammie Beatrice Owens (Walker) was born in 1906, and was married to “Jack” Walker, who worked in the New York Shipyard. In addition to domestic work, she was an accomplished pianist, and served as organist for Zionist Baptist Church in Camden, New Jersey. She also was the Founder of the Children’s Choir at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Burlington, New Jersey.

She had one child, Doris Ellis, who followed in her mother’s footsteps! She is a singer, pianist, and also plays the conga drums. She attended Rutgers University, sang and played professionally with the Eddie Christopher Trio, and has been the musician at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Burlington for the past few decades since her mother’s passing.*

*Source: Doris Ellis